Terms and conditions :

The present sales and delivery terms apply to all offers, sales and deliveries, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
The terms of sale and delivery that may be printed on the order confirmation or to which the customer otherwise refers is valid only if this is explicitly stated in our order confirmation.
2. Product Information
All information on weight, dimensions and quality, as well as technical and other data contained in catalogs, prospectuses and other promotional material, are indicative and binding only to the extent that they are expressly included as part of the parties’ agreement.
3. Offers
All prices are subject to change in raw material and exchange rates, delivery time subject to intermediate sales and changes in delivery time from work. If the seller submits a written offer that does not specify a special acceptance period, the offer will lapse if acceptance has not reached the seller within 2 weeks from the date of the offer.
4. Quality
The buyer is responsible for ensuring that the technical data and the material as a whole are suitable for his needs. Certificates are included only by arrangement. Seller verifies that the certificate covers the delivered need, but does not verify the certificate’s information.
5. Quantity
For the delivered total quantity, a margin of plus / minus 10% of the specified quantity is reserved.
Calculation by weight, piece or length indications is in accordance with custom.
6. Orders and agreements
An order must, in order to be binding on the seller, be confirmed in writing by this and only the seller’s terms of sale and delivery are valid for the execution of the order. If the buyer objects to the contents of the order confirmation, these must be available
in writing and be received by the seller no later than one week after the date of the order confirmation.
7. Prices and delivery
For sale from stock, the prices and terms of payment stated in the seller’s current price list are excl. VAT. Delivery takes place at the seller’s address, or by appointment.

8. Payment
Payment must be the seller on the date the invoice indicates the last due date of payment. If this is not stated, payment must be made in cash on delivery. However, the seller reserves the right to change the payment terms in the event that the seller is in possession of information showing that the buyer’s ability to pay is impaired. If the delivery is postponed due to the buyer’s reservation (claim holder) is the buyer – unless the seller indicates in writing the buyer
other – nevertheless obliged to make any payment to the seller as if delivery had been made at the agreed time. If payment occurs after maturity date, the seller is entitled to calculate interest rates, which are always stated on the invoice. Buyer is not entitled to set off against any counterclaim on seller who is not in writing acknowledged by the seller and is not entitled to withhold any portion of the purchase price due to any counterparties of any kind.
9. Reservation of title
Seller reserves the right to comply with the restrictions imposed by mandatory legal rules, the right of ownership of the sale until the full purchase price plus the sums paid is paid to the seller or to the person he has transferred his right.
10. Delivery
Delivery takes place from the seller’s address, whether sold by own people or by third party under a separate agreement against the buyer, it brings it sold to the buyer. The delivery time is determined by the seller at the best estimate and in accordance with the conditions present at the conclusion of the offer / agreement. In the case of sales of stock and standard goods, a delay of 30 days is considered due to the seller’s circumstances in all respects such as timely delivery so that the purchaser can not exercise any power over the seller unless otherwise agreed. When selling individually manufactured goods, the seller is not liable for any delay, regardless of the duration thereof, so that the purchaser can not exercise any power over the seller for that reason. However, each of the parties is entitled to cancel the agreement if the delay exceeds 3 months.
11. Packaging
Packaging takes place at the buyer’s expense, unless expressly stated that this is included in the price. Packaging is only returned after a separate agreement.
12. Cancellation
In the case of cancellation of deliveries, the buyer is obliged to pay full compensation, including for lost profits, and in addition, the insured seller for all the costs associated with the cancellation.
13. Product changes
Seller reserves the right to make changes to agreed specifications without notice if this can happen without any inconvenience.

14. Lacks and complaints
Upon delivery, the buyer must immediately conduct such an examination of the goods sold for proper business use. Lack of the sold will be remedied or sold by the seller within a reasonable period of time. If such remediation or replacement is not made within a reasonable period, the buyer is in compliance with the general rules of Danish law and the present terms of sale and delivery are entitled to terminate the agreement, require a reduction in the purchase price or demand compensation.
If the buyer will invoke a defect, the buyer must or should be discovered immediately after the defect, notify the seller in writing of this and indicate the defect. Complaints about the quality of goods must be enclosed with samples of sufficient quantity for a safe assessment of the justification of the complaint. If the buyer has discovered or should have discovered the defect and he does not advertise as stated, he can not make the defect later. Has not purchased within 6 months of delivery date relied on defects to seller, he can not make it applicable later. If a repair and replacement has been made, the seller’s liability can not be extended for more than 1 year from the original delivery date.
15. Limitation of Liability
A claim against a seller can not exceed the invoice amount of the item sold. Seller is not liable for loss of business, loss of profits or other indirect loss of the agreement, including indirect losses arising from delays or defects in the sale. The following circumstances imply liability for the seller if they prevent the performance of the agreement or make unreasonably burdensome: Labor dispute and any other circumstance beyond the control of the parties, such as fire, war, mobilization or unforeseen military invitations of equivalent scope, requisition, seizure, currency arrears, rebellion and unrest, lack of means of transport, general product disability, restrictions on driving power, and missing or delayed deliveries from subcontractors, due to some of the circumstances mentioned in this paragraph. Circumstances mentioned above prior to the submission of the offer / agreement only result in discharge if their influence on the performance of the agreement could not be foreseen at this time. It is the duty of the seller to inform the buyer in writing without notice, if circumstances arise as mentioned above.

16. Product liability
Seller is solely responsible for personal injury if it is proved that the damage is due to defects or negligence committed by the seller or others for which he is responsible. Seller is not liable for damage to property or property. Seller is not responsible for loss of business, lost earnings or other indirect loss. To the extent; The seller had to be liable to third party liability, the buyer is obliged to keep the seller indemnified to the same extent as the seller’s liability is limited after the previous three pieces. If a third party claims claims against one of the parties for liability under this paragraph, that party shall immediately inform the other party accordingly. Seller and buyer are mutually obliged to sue in court
treats compensation claims against one of them on the basis of an injury allegedly relied on by the delivery. These restrictions on the seller’s liability do not apply if he has been guilty of gross negligence.
17. Return item
Goods will only be returned after special agreement has been reached with the seller. Unless otherwise agreed, it is a condition for crediting returned goods that they are in undamaged condition and for materials manufactured / factory-packed that they are in original unbroken packaging.
18. Disputes
Any disputes between the parties shall be settled by the courts under Danish law.